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Welcome to the Oregon 2600 Live Journal community.

This community will be primarily used to pass information and do document events of the meetings.

This communities coordinator is corthell.

Want to hear a little story of how OR2600 came and went?

In the summer of 1999 the Portland and Clackamas chapters of 2600 were combined to make the sum of Oregon 2600. We would also like to add that our members came from as far as Vancouver WA and Eugene OR.

The coordinators of the two were Anubis503 and Gizmo. Since a falling out Circuit had taken Anubis503's place as the coordinator.

In September of 2002 Circuit resigned his position as the coordinator for OR2600. OR2600 is now in the hands of its members. The official site coordinator and contact to 2600 magazine is still corthell so please be sure to register any changes so that we can update them through 2600.

For meeting times please view 2600 Magazine.