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DiVX rippers and cinemaphiles take note - Oregon 2600

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February 2nd, 2004

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10:20 am - DiVX rippers and cinemaphiles take note
anyone in one the DiVX ripping scene, or those who are just into underground and cult films...

sWARm atLANtis is a codename for a secret lan party, film fest, media convention for film and video geeks. it's being held somewhere in portland in an abandoned theater replete with video,16mm and 35mm projectors. they will be showing all types of weirdness and cult fandom all day and night this upcoming valentines.

file sharing, film to video transfering and maybe some in-theater gaming will be fare of the day.

to attend just go to this webpage and email the admission person. they are giving first tickets to those who can help contribute ie: files and video to share, netowrking help, strong interest, ect.

either way, a Lan party in a theater projecting cult movies should be pretty fucking cool.


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