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February 13th, 2003

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11:17 pm - this is messed up.
I'm sorry this is stupid shit. To read more www.2600.com

Posted 13 Feb 2003 22:00:04 UTC
An 11-year old student at St. Lucie West Middle School in Florida, has been charged with a felony for attempting to change his grades.
In a clear misapplication of the law, the child, who has not been named, was charged with an offense against intellectual property. It's hard to imagine how changing a grade is any kind of affront to any human being's "intellectual property," but this is what has been claimed, according to the Associated Press.
Legal semantics aside, the ordeal demonstrates a disdainfully low level of understanding and tolerance among school and city officials. Helen Roberts, the school's principal, recommended that the boy be expelled. Ellen Mancini, an assistant state attorney in Florida, called the boy's actions a "scheme to defraud."
Throughout history, in all cultures, youth have been allowed to make mistakes in judgment -- and learn from those mistakes -- as part of growing up. It's a kind of instinctual hacking. In today's panic-stricken U.S.A. however, the supposed rules of childhood become more erratic by the day, and the concept of "zero tolerance" gains increasing ground.
"It's as much a fraud as anything else," Mancini spouted. The student was booked into the St. Lucie County jail on Wedneday

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Date:January 22nd, 2004 05:30 am (UTC)
If he broke in to the school files and got caught it would be not be intellectual property that he was after. The laws work only when they are applied for the reason they were made... And if the school can't keep an 11 year old out of there system...
Date:June 15th, 2004 04:34 pm (UTC)

example time

Sounds like they are (or did since this is a little late) gonna try and set an example with this kid. The problem being at that age, it will scare the parents more than the kids and may cause parents to steer their kids away from computers. And that can't be good for everyones future(someone is gonna have to maintain and expand this digital infostructure when these kids get older)


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